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Care & Maintenance
Nature's Granite has polished your countertops to a high luster using the finest diamond tools in the world, and has properly sealed the tops to ensure a protective barrier in the stone. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the care of your granite, please feel free to call your sales representatives or our office to assist you.

Sealing is necessary to prevent the pores in the surface of the stone from accepting liquids such as oils, juices, etc. The sealer is a mineral spirit based fluid that has a high concentration of silicone suspended within its matrix. The mineral spirits carry the silicone into the stone to protect the stone from moisture, staining, etc. Your tops should not be touched for 24 hours after the application of the sealer to allow proper set-up of the silicone. Your granite tops will need to be sealed on average of every 1-2 years depending on use of tops. We can set up an appointment to do this resealing for you, or you can purchase sealing products from us to do it yourself.

For regular cleaning of most general spills, granite can be cleaned by utilizing a ½ gallon of warm water (as warm as your hands can stand) and 2-3 drops of a non-detergent, anti-bacterial soap to wipe down the countertops. Just soak your rag in this solution and proceed to wipe down your countertops much like you would any other surface area. Avoid cleaners that may contain ammonia, or other harsh chemicals when cleaning, as this could ‘etch’ the stone surface shine causing a dull appearance. For persistent food build-up, etc., soak the rag in warm water/cleaner, and apply to the surface area where the build-up occurs. Leave in place for approx. 10 minutes and continue to wipe down as described previously.
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